War of the Roses Weekend

For this weekend the year is 1472. The War of the Roses has been raging for seventeen years and King Henry VI has just died. The bloodiest battle on English soil has taken place at Tewkesbury and the decisive battle of Bosworth is thirteen years away. Travel back in time with us and experience what life was like in the fifteenth century with living history displays and talks throughout the day.

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Knight in armour in front of Tattershall Castle
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Tattershall Castle was built between 1434 and 1446 by Ralph Cromwell, Lord Treasurer to Henry VI. Following Cromwell’s death in 1456 the Castle was inherited by his niece Joan, who married Humphrey Bourchier.  Bourchier (later 4th Baron Cromwell) died fighting for the Lancastrian cause at the Battle of Barnett. The Castle was then confiscated by King Edward IV. 

In 1472 the Castle was in Royal occupation with a military presence, however daily life continued. In the surviving building accounts for 1472 two new bridges were constructed, repairs made to the horse mill and kitchen chimneys and bricks taken from the Tower on the Moor (Lord Cromwell’s hunting lodge located in Woodhall Spa) to repair the castle.

The following talks and demonstrations will take place throughout both days:

11.00am Living History Camp opens

11.30am Military drill within the Inner Ward

1.30pm Archery display in the Stable Block

3.30pm Soldiers of the Wars of the Roses within the Inner Ward

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