Canoeing and fishing at Watersmeet

White water and a red canoe

Enjoy a day fishing or canoeing on the river at Watersmeet.


You are welcome to canoe on the East Lyn River from Watersmeet House down to Lynmouth between 1 October and 31 March, if there is enough water. Please be aware there are set points to access the water and these are highlighted on the leaflet detailed below. Do take the time to read this before you set of to canoe in this area.

Canoeing on the East Lyn River (PDF / 1.1552734375MB) download

Before you paddle - There is a guage under the bridge at Watersmeet House, if the water level is 'green' you are welcome to canoe. If the water level is 'red', it's too low for safe paddling.

Please be aware - The East Lyn is one of the most difficult rivers to canoe in England (grade 5 in places) and should only be attempted by experienced canoeists.

Biosecurity for boat users - If you kayak on our rivers then please take the time to click through the link and read how you can help avoid spreading non-native species on clothes, equipment and boats.


Salmon season: 1 March - 30 September (no worm or maggot before 16 June, catch and release of all salmon is mandatory for the whole season)

Sea trout and brown trout season: 15 March - 30 September (no worm or maggot for sea trout before 16 June, catch and release of all sea trout is mandatory for the whole season, brown trout fishing by artificial fly only)

All salmon and sea trout (including school peal) must be returned to the river alive. This applies for the whole of the season.

Worm or maggot may be fished from 16 June, with the exception of in Long Pool where these baits are prohibited for the whole of the season.

Worm or maggot is only allowed if fished on a single Circle patterned hook, no larger than a standard size 4. We recommend the use of barbless hooks for all methods (ideally singles for flies and lures), in order to reduce damage to released fish.

Please download the Watersmeet and Glenthorne Fisheries Guidelines (PDF / 2.3798828125MB) download for more information. The full list of fishery regulations are printed on the rear of the permits.

Day and week permits available from Watersmeet House and other local businesses. Please contact us for more information.

A salmon jumping out of the river