Helping schools get the most from a visit to Exmoor

Whether you are a local school in North Devon or from further afield Exmoor is a great place to help children of all ages to explore the outdoors and learn about the environment around them.

Learning in the outdoors is the perfect way to build fun and new challenges into your lessons. Step out onto Exmoor with a group of children and deliver a different way of learning.

What can we offer your school?

We have devised a self led residential package that will allow you to teach a session in the outdoors with your group of children. You can choose from a range of short units that can be used alone or you can bolt two or three together to come up with a full days field trip. The 2 day package includes a one or two night stay at Exmoor Bunkhouse. It is however possible to borrow the self led sessions without staying with us.

How much does it cost?

Activities; If your school has National Trust Educational Group Membership then there will be no charge for the activity units, otherwise there is a small charge of £2.50 per child per day (minimum charge £30). 

Accommodation; To stay at Exmoor Bunkhouse the cost is £260 for;

2 full days/1 night (10am day one to 4pm day two) or 2nights (3pm day one to 10am day three). This is a flat rate and we can accommodate up to 18 people in total, 2 bunkrooms each sleeping 8 people and a two bedded room. 

Time for a break from working in the outdoors
Teenagers taking a lunch break whilst out with the National Trust
Time for a break from working in the outdoors

What activities are on offer?

There are a variety of activity unit packs for you to borrow. Some are very simple and will involve little need for equipment, while others will have kit that comes with them. All of the activities can be done within either a short walk or drive of Exmoor Bunkhouse. It is possible to combine a few of the activities and make a day field trip.

River study – How the river Lyn changes with its downstream course 

Freshwater life in the River Lyn – invertebrates / water quality

Nightwalk to incorporate batwalk, nocturnal invertebrate hunting, stargazing, owl calling

Geology of Exmoor – investigating rocks and soils in a hands on way.

Finding your way – natural navigation, map work, geocaching,

Woodland explorer – investing woodland habitats – link to plantlife resources.

Exmoor life – farming, archaeology – wild food and natural resources.

Self led forest school type activity for suitably qualified group leaders.

Bushcraft and shelter building

Hunting for butterflies
Girls studying the butterfly trail map in Heddon Valley
Hunting for butterflies