Thank you for helping us raise the roof on Watersmeet House

Once every 100 years the roof on Watersmeet House has to be replaced to maintain the beautiful building for future generations. The project required 4,300 new slate tiles and cost £150,000 in total. Thanks to the generous support of visitors and donors we were able to save this special place for future generations.

Thank you for supporting the Watersmeet roof project
Watersmeet roof project thank you bridge
Thank you for supporting the Watersmeet roof project

Watersmeet's roof appeal

Cream-tea lovers breathed a sigh of relief when Watersmeet was able to re-open, after it was forced to close in September 2016 due to extensive work needed to replace the entire roof. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported the project – whether this was by visiting and enjoying a cream tea, or donating directly towards the roof fund. 

The repairs were able to go ahead thanks to donations by the public to help raise the final funds needed to complete the project and a grant. We gathered at Watersmeet to take a special photograph in order to thank everyone who helped make it possible for the tea-room to remain open for future generations.

In total over £35,000 was raised towards the £150,000 cost of the roof. The money was raised through a combination of donations taken online and at Watersmeet house, and a £10,000 grant. We also gave visitors the unique chance to ‘sponsor a slate’ and leave a message on a roof tile which have been woven into the fabric of the house, becoming a part of Watersmeet’s history.

We had such a fantastic response, with people leaving messages for loved ones, some wedding proposals and so many poems and drawings. It’s been amazing to see how much Watersmeet House means to people. 

Slates ready to be put on Watersmeet roof
Watersmeet roof work slates
Slates ready to be put on Watersmeet roof

Behind the scenes with the builders

We were forced to close in September 2015 in order to carry out essential renovation work on the roof.
“It had got to the point where we just couldn’t leave it any longer without causing further damage to the building,” said building surveyor Paul Wyle. “We have completely re-roofed the building, replacing defective lead work and putting the stonework, joinery and drainage back in good condition.”
Want to know what it takes to re-roof a building like Watersmeet? We asked our builders for the numbers:
  • Over 500 linear metres of timber joists
  • 324kgs of code 6 lead
  • 222kgs of code 4 lead
  • 10kgs of copper nails (over 5500 individual nails)
  • 675m squared of undeslating felt
  • 1248 linear metres of roofing batten
  • Approximately 3060 delabole slates
  • 40 linear metres of new moulded fascia
A builder lays slates at Watersmeet house
Watersmeet roof work builder lays slates
A builder lays slates at Watersmeet house

Did you know?

We know you love Watersmeet but did you know that every penny spent at Watersmeet House helps protect and maintain:

  • 4,200 acres of land on West Exmoor

  • 15 miles of coastline

  • 1,100 acres of woodland

  • 70 miles of footpaths

Due to the conservation work that has taken place in this area it has become a haven for some amazing wildlife including; red deer, otters, dippers, Atlantic salmon and Atlantic trout.

Treat yourself to a cream tea in idyllic surroundings
Freshly made scones and a pot of tea
Treat yourself to a cream tea in idyllic surroundings