Working for wildlife

We’re working to create better habitats for butterflies, water voles and wildlife around Exmoor. The open moorland and forested valleys of Exmoor have always been a haven for nature and wildlife. Learn more about some of the projects we're working on to give nature a helping hand.

A water vole

Water voles make a welcome return to Exmoor

The water vole is one of the fastest declining land mammal, disappearing from 94 per cent of its habitats. The plan for one of Britain’s most adorable, yet rare creatures is that it will be given a whole new start in a healthy environment, where they can breed and flourish.

High Brown Fritillary Heddon Valley

Butterfly conservation

Heddon Valley is home to one of the UK's rarest butterflies, the high brown fritillary. Throughout June and July look out for them on the valley side where they might be basking in the sun.

Sheep at Horner Farm, Holnicote

Follow Horner Farm's story

Learn more about Horner Farm, and how our farm tenants are working hard to farm produce sustainably and keep wildlife habitat in mind.

River Derwent

Riverlands: how we keep our rivers flowing 

Rivers are the lifeblood of our landscapes, but now they’re in trouble – and so is the wildlife that depends on them. We’re determined to reverse this decline with an ambitious restoration project to bring our rivers, streams, brooks and becks flowing back to life.