50 things to do before you’re 11¾ at Wimpole

Set your children free to try out some of the National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you’re 11¾’ at Wimpole, whatever the weather. Whilst you’re exploring the estate why not try some of our favourites:

No. 4 Build a den 

Head past the playground in the adventure woodland and you’ll find everything you need to build an impressive den to shelter from the elements. 

No. 6 Go welly wandering 

A spot of rain doesn’t need to dampen your spirits! Pull on some wellies and explore the adventure woodland, pleasure gardens and parkland. See if you can find the secret laurel tunnel or upside down trees in the Victorian stumpery. 

No.22 Find some funky fungi 

With damp air and wet earth comes a treasure trove of funky fungi. Take a peek under the bushes and in the meadows to see what you can find. 

No. 28 Climb a huge hill 

Cambridgeshire may not be famous for its hilly landscapes but the path up to the ruined folly is plenty steep enough for little legs, and the views from the top are definitely worth the effort. 

No. 33 Go cloud watching 

The open parkland is perfect for watching the clouds. Look up to the sky - are there mountains on the horizon, mythical dragons or faces looking down at you? 

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