Commemorative Trees at Wimpole

The commemorative tree scheme is a popular way to commemorate a special person or occasion.


The trees are being planted in the parkland following historical evidence to replace veteran trees.  Species include oak, lime, horse chestnut,  hornbeam, field maple, beech, walnut, london plane, sycamore, thorn  


The cost to plant a commemorative tree is £300.  This price includes a metal cattle proof tree guard and all the subsequent maintenance (weeding , mulching)  and a replacement if the tree dies.


The tree planting has now been completed but you can purchase a tree that has already been planted.  

Records and Certificates

We maintain a record of all commemorative trees, this consists of a certificate with wording requested by the donor and a map of the tree location.  

Next Steps

Should you wish to purchase a commemorative tree please contact the Estate Office for further information