Harry the Shire horse

Harry the Shire horse

Harry ‘Mileaway Prince Harry’

  • Breed: Shire
  • Date of Birth: 2008
  • Height: 18.1hh
  • Colour: Black
  • Lived at Wimpole since: 2011

Harry is broken to ride and drive, although has mainly been ridden recently, we hope to train him to do some agricultural work in the future.

Harry is a very enthusiastic chap and loves nothing more than a good gallop!  He is herd leader in the field, being good friends with Jasper and Murphy.

Harry suffers from a skin allergy known as ‘sweet-itch’, this means that he is allergic to midge bites, which causes him to rub excessively making himself very sore. To combat this problem Harry wears a special rug and mask throughout the midge biting season; you may see him sporting this attire in the field.