Harvest time at Wimpole

With the grain ripening in the fields, once again the hum of machinery can be heard in the countryside and here at Wimpole we're no different on the arable side of the farm.

Over the next few weeks we will be harvesting our orgnaic arable crops here at Wimpole, wheat, barley and spelt will be combined as the weather allows and stored in the grain barn.

From Monday 28 August to Sunday 3 September we bring a little of the harvest in to Home Farm with a Ceilidh, scarecrow competition, folk music, produce fair and information about our harvest and what happens at this time.

Traditional folk music

Everyday from Monday 28 August to Sunday 3 September harvest folk tunes will be filling the barn with local folk bands playing 2-4pm daily and there will be a Ceilidh in the Great Barn.

Tools of the time

We will have a small combine in the Great Barn, so you can look at to see how it cuts and gathers the corn, plus you can go back in time and watch hand threshing, a much more manual task of harvest of yesteryear.

See what wheat, barley and spelt look like, then put some effort into turning the quern, to grind the grains into flour.