Lambing at Wimpole

Spring is on the way at Wimpole with Lambing from 25 April until 10 May 2020.

With the arrival of Spring we welcome our own new arrivals to Home Farm during Lambing from 25 April until 10 May 2020. From tentative first steps to carefree frolicking, come to watch, hear and experience the first days of life of our newborn lambs.

Each Spring, Wimpole’s 300 rare breed ewes give birth to several hundred new additions to the Wimpole flock. As lambing season gathers pace, Wimpole’s pens and paddocks are filled with skipping, bleating new life.

Visit us at Home Farm during Lambing and you’ll see a specially built marquee in the yard housing all the pregnant ewes so they can be monitored by our farm staff day and night in case they need help.

If you’re lucky you might see lambs being born and finding their feet and throughout the day we’ll have volunteer farm guides explaining what is happening and answering your questions.

Once they have been born, the lambs will then start to bond with their mothers in individual pens. You may see them feeding, sleeping or being cared for by National Trust farm staff as they get them ready to explore the new world around them.

After about 24 hours, if all is well and the weather is fine, the newborns and mothers are put out in the paddocks where they can get on with enjoying life.

Rare breeds

As one of the UK’s largest rare breed centres we play a key role in conserving rare and traditional breeds of livestock. The rare breeds of newborn lambs you may see at Home Farm during Lambing Time include:

  • Norfolk Horn, which is black faced with spiralled horns
  • The shaggy coated Leicester Longwool
  • Hebridean sheep, small and fine boned, with black or dark brown wool
  • Portland sheep, light tan face with spiral horns
  • Oxford Down Sheep, the teddy bears of the flock, with chunky coats of wool, black muzzles and ears
  • Manx Loghtan, multi-horned with caramel coloured wool
  • With a white face and white wool, it's the Whitefaced Woodland

Visit us during Lambing

Home Farm at Wimpole is open every day from 10.30am to 5pm. You don't need to book for Lambing Time, but normal admission to Wimpole Estate applies (free for National Trust members).