Shire horse - Lady

Lady the Shire Horse standing in the Parkland

Lady ‘Wimpole June’s Lady'

  • Breed: Shire
  • Date of Birth: 2013
  • Height: 17.2hh
  • Colour: Bay
  • Lived at Wimpole since: 2013 was born at Wimpole
  • Identifying marks: White speckles on the left back leg 

Lady is the baby of the group and was born at Wimpole in 2013.

She is very curious and interested in new things; she is a very courageous young horse, this is very helpful in her training.

Her training is coming on really well; she has now been trained to harness and is currently being backed to ride too. She loves to learn new things and we think she will be an invaluable part of our working team.

You may struggle to tell the difference between Lady and her mum Queenie, they are almost identical!

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