The collection at Wimpole

Wimpole Lamp Yellow Drawing Room

It's not just the pictures and furniture you see in the house, we have numerous goods and chattels in our collection.

Captain George and Mrs Elsie Bambridge bought Wimpole estate in 1938, with the Hall almost entirely empty of contents. Over the next 40 years the Bambridges slowly furnished and decorated the house, seeking out pieces that were either once at Wimpole, or had strong connections to the estate or previous owners.

Highlights such as the 1780s state bed, and the exquisite gilded sofas made especially to fit the curved walls of Sir John Soane’s Yellow Drawing Room, show how a grand country house would have looked in its heyday. Alongside the more formal rooms sit the cosier more personal spaces that make the house a home and reflect the Bambridges’ personalities and tastes. Look out for the collection of eighteenth  and nineteenth century conversation pieces that decorate the drawing rooms, delicate French porcelain figures, and collections of carriage prints. 

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