Wimpole connections

Clouds across the sky over Wimpole Hall

With a succession of owners Wimpole has many connections to other National Trust properties and by those owners using the grand designers are architects of their day, similar features of Wimpole's landscape and buildings can be found elsewhere.


Humphry Repton was commissioned to produce a design for Wimpole in 1801 for the 3rd Earl of Hardwicke and provided his famous Red Book written in his own hand and illustrated with watercolour sketches of his proposals.  

" The counties of Cambridge and Huntingdon consist generally of flat ground and cornfields with a few hedges and trees; while the few hills are yet more naked; but Wimpole abounds in beautiful shapes of ground and is richly clothed with wood - it is therefore like a flower in the desert, beautiful in itself but more beautiful by its situation."
- Humphry Repton 1801

Repton was commissioned in 1812 by the new owners of Sheringham Park Abbot and Charlotte Upcher.  Using the rolling landscape of the park, Repton framed views of the north Norfolk coastline which are still enjoyed by thousands of visitors today. Successive generations of the Upcher family used his 1812 design as a blueprint for the management and enhancement of the estate and the last major Repton intervention ‘the temple’ was not built until 1975.


Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, which had been sold in 1733 by the 2nd Earl of Radnor, came into the family again in this period and became the home of Gerald, the family’s second son.


The family home of the Kiplings, Elsie Bambridge (nee Kipling) the last owner of Wimpole was the eldest daughter of Rudyard Kipling

Sutton Hoo

Known for it's anglo saxon past and 1930s excavations, Sutton Hoo is also home to a flock of rare breed sheep used to keep the grass cut on the historic site around the burial mounds, a natural way of keeping the grass down.

This is much the same as Wimpole and helps us look after our precious landscape without damaging it and some of Wimpole's breeding stock are now residents of Sutton Hoo.

Lancelot Capability Brown

Areas of Wimpole Estate parkland was designed by the great landscape designer, Lancelot Capability Brown and many of Brown’s designs can still be seen at our properties. Here's our selection of some of his most important works.