Wimpole History Festival 2017

Wimpole's Gothic Folly

This July, Wimpole's History Festival will be a feast of history and heritage for the whole family and will draw together the best of historians in a place that brings the past alive.

It's all about History

Set in the beautiful historic setting of Wimpole, the Wimpole History Festival will be run by the Cambridge Literary Festival team in partnership with the National Trust and will take place at Wimpole, over the weekend of 7-9 July.

We have household names, eminent historians, writers and performers who love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for history.

Confirmed attendees include Orlando Figes, Bridget Kendall, Lucy Worsley, Andrew Marr, David Olusoga and Stephan Poliakoff.

We start with the local history of Wimpole itself – exploring stories of the library and theatricals in the Hall; then we explore wider in the National Trust with new technoology used at Fountains Abbey or details of Rudyard Kipling's historical writing – and then move out to the national and the global history. 

There will be a combination of talks, discussions, debates, living history re-enactments, heritage foods and crafts and workshops intended to cater for the whole family and covering topics from the ancient to the contemporary worlds.

This is a true celebration of the past and a place to explore questions about the present and future.

Save the date from 7-9 July 2017 and check the website for further updates and details, bookings for talks open at the end of April.