Wimpole Scything Festival 23-24 June 2018

The scything event will be held on the weekend of the 23-24 June in the Capability Brown designed Folly Field to the north of the mansion. This setting is now one of the best wildflower meadows on the Estate, amazing given that it was an arable field 20 years ago!

The Scything Festival reflects historic Wimpole estate management and is designed to be a fun and sociable weekend with several competitions.  A pleasant half an hour walk will take you to the Folly Field, a scenic spot to watch and learn how to manage a chalk grassland environment.

There will also be a  pre-bookable scything course to teach the art of scything and mowing including an introduction to hay making and meadow management. 

The Wimpole Countryside team and Estate Greenwood group will also be in attendance showcasing their traditional woodworking skills and demonstrating a variety of other historic rural crafts including blacksmithing.