A country gentleman's estate

Woodchester Mansion remains unfinished

Woodchester Park was the home of the Ducie family from the 1600s to 1845.

Wealthy Gloucestershire landowners, the Ducies lived in a Georgian house surrounded by designed parkland. You can still see the remains of the parkland, influenced first by 'Capability' Brown and later by Humphry Repton, famous landscape designers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Their parkland was a place where the family and their guests could hunt, ride and enjoy elegant carriage drives.


When the Ducies offered Woodchester for sale in 1843, the sale particulars described the coach house and stables as 'everything the most fastidious Gentleman can desire'. Remains of the stables can still be seen today.

Gothic Mansion

William Leigh, a wealthy ship-owner, bought Woodchester Park two years later in 1845. He demolished the Georgian house and started building a new mansion. Everything ground to a halt 16 years later when he ran out of money, leaving the Victorian Gothic mansion unfinished.