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As police officers, Stuart and Rebecca know that finding quality family time with their two young boys can be hard. Working shifts or at weekends means that any time together is precious. At Dunham Massey in Cheshire, their favourite local place, they can escape hectic working lives to play with their sons and create treasured family memories.

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The Lost Words: Find the Lost Words

Fri 18 Oct 2019
Visit Dunham Massey and be part of a creative harvesting of words and illustrations inspired by The Lost Words, by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris.

Percy the Park Keeper: After the Storm

Fri 18 Oct 2019
There's been a stormy disaster and now Percy the Park Keeper's animal friends don't have anywhere to live! Help Percy devise a plan to find his little friends a new home this autumn.

A Taste of Autumn: Autumn Senses Garden Tour

Fri 18 Oct 2019
Enjoy a guided tour of the garden to discover the sights, sounds and smells of the autumnal season.

Park Walk

Fri 18 Oct 2019
Join our Park Guides on a gentle walk around the park to discover Dunham's seasonal highlights.

Friendly Friday

Fri 18 Oct 2019
Join us in the Stamford Café where you can meet other visitors and get to know the café staff and volunteers. It's a space to make new friends and mingle over cup of coffee and a slice of cake - you'll also get a free refill for attending!

Local Lives: Small Change, Big Difference

Sat 19 Oct 2019
Visit the house to see a photography exhibition of local people who are doing their bit for nature every day. Join the conversation and let us know what you care about when it comes to nature and green spaces and what you would fight to protect.
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