Autumn colour highlights

Close-up of tree trunkwith autumn colours

As the sun begins to sink lower in the sky & the days shorten rich autumnal colours breakout throughout the gardens. Here's a guide to some of our favourite places for autumn colour.

Jubilee Avenue

The hormbeams which form Jubilee Avenue were planted in 1977 to mark the Silver Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth.

Hornbeams along Jubilee Avenue
Hornbeams along the Jubilee Avenue

The Riverside Walk

The trees of either side of Quy Water provide a rich burst of colour. On still days you get perfect reflections in the water.

Seasonal colour on the Riverside Walk
Picture of Quy Water with Lode Mill in background

Temple Lawn

The magnificent Temple is set against a colourful amphitheatre of beech, alder & sycamores.

The Temple against a backdrop of autumn colour
The Temple with vivid autumn colours

Pilgrims' Lawn

The creation of Pilgrims' Lawn was the last area of the garden designed by Lord Fairhaven - sadly he did not live to see it in all its glory.

Strong yellow & purple colouring predominates, particularly in autumn.

Sit & enjoy the vivid colours of Pilgrim's Lawn
Picture of a seat against a backdrop of vivid colour

Delicate cyclamen

Drifts of delicate pink cyclamen carpet the understorey as you walk through the trees from the Winter Garden to Lode Mill - a sight not to be missed.

Cyclamen Walk near the Mill
Close up of cyclamen at base of tree