Community Work

A working party laying a path in Hoe Fen

When our Head Gardener, Richard Todd, finally realised his dream to open up a 20 acre overgrown woodland at the end of the property in 2005, it provided the perfect opportunity for us to expand our links with local community groups and enabled a wide range of local people to be involved in the outdoors at Anglesey Abbey.

The once impenetrable woodland became our Hoe Fen Wildlife Discovery Area. This has only been possible with help and hard work from many community groups and businesses who enabled us to create over 2000 metres of pathway, put in access bridges, build a bird hide, log wall, dreaming dome, discovery cabin, clear the pond and to create an insect hotel to name but a few.

What's happening now?

Today many of these groups as well as new ones come to Anglesey regularly and help us care for and develop the wildlife discovery area.  They are involved in surveying and developing habitats for wildlife, outdoor arts projects and woodland conservation tasks.

To find out how you can get involved please contact Jack Watson