Enjoying the sunshine at Anglesey Abbey

Enjoying a picnic

Now the better weather and longer days are with us, there really is nothing better than enjoying a picnic or stroll in the sunshine at Anglesey Abbey. But to make sure your adventures go smoothly, we have come up with some top tips to stay safe in this glorious weather.

Our favourite things to do on a sunny day

Have a picnic

The gardens are the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a picnic with friends and family. Our favourite spots include South Glade, the Pinetum or even the Arboretum. Looking for a quiet spot? We'd recommend East Lawn, close to the Visitor Centre, it's often a peaceful area to sit and relax. (Plus, it's close to the restaurant if you need to top your picnic up!)

Enjoy a picnic on the lawn.
Family enjoying picnic on lawn in front of house
Enjoy a picnic on the lawn.

Play or walk beneath the shade in Hoe Fen

Hoe Fen is hidden beneath a canopy of established trees, which offer shade on even the sunniest of days. 

Head to the north side of Hoe Fen to find Den Building Area and Wildlife Watch Hut nestled away beneath branches offering protection from the sun's rays. If you'd like to play by the stay and play, we'd recommend sticking to the treehouse which has dappled shade. 

If you're looking for a longer walk, there's an extended woodland path which takes you round the outer perimeter of Hoe Fen, which will also be relatively shaded throughout the summer. 

Enjoy an ice cream!

There's nothing better to cool you off than an ice cream on a hot summers day. We sell ice creams and ice lollies in both the Restaurant and from the Food Haven van on South Glade (when open, please check at Visitor Reception before heading into the gardens). 

Relax in the Library

Did you know you can sit on the sofas in Lord Fairhaven's Library? Take a few moments to soak up the atmosphere of the fascinating Library by getting stuck into a good book. Either bring your own or borrow one from the wheelbarrow located next to the sofas. 

If you've forgotten yours, pick up a summer's read in our Second Hand Bookshop. There's plenty to choose from, from children tales, to historic books, to romantic novels. What's more, all of the profits go back into caring for this special place. 

Have some time out in our newly opened Heritage Orchard

The newly opened fruit orchard is the perfect space to relax on a deck chair underneath the shade. 

Located next to Lode Mill, the orchard now has thirty young regional fruit trees, including apple, pear and plum trees. Pull up a deckchair and take some time to chill in this brand new space. 

Relax in the sunshine in our newly opened heritage orchard
Relax in the sun in our brand new orchard
Relax in the sunshine in our newly opened heritage orchard
Our top tips for staying safe in the sunshine
Children eating chocolate cake and drinking orange squash at a National Trust café garden

Thirsty work

It’s vital to stay hydrated in hot weather, especially when out and about in the heat, exploring. Drink small amounts frequently and don’t leave it until you’re really thirsty to have a drink; by then you may already be dehydrated.

Visitors applying sun cream.

An extra layer

Don't worry... we're not advising you to throw on another jumper! It is important, however, to remember to pack your sun cream so that you can protect yourself against the UV rays. Keep applying your sun cream throughout the day for maximum protection.

Young family picnic under tree in shade

Shady spots

As we know it's the perfect weather for a picnic with friends or family, we encourage you to enjoy time around the grounds in the shadier spots. If you're bringing the little ones, our Hoe Fen Discovery Area is the perfect place to enjoy both play and protection from the sun: it's heavily shaded by our lovely woodland.

Thee ladies walking outdoors in summer clothing

Keeping it cool

Choosing the right clothing for the hot weather will make all the difference to your comfort and enjoyment. We recommend that you choose light coloured, lightweight clothing, accompanied by a hat for maximum protection. If a hat doesn't take your fancy, why not bring a parasol or umbrella for that extra bit of shade.

The insect hotel at Anglesey Abbey

Keep pesky insects at bay

Fine summer weather is often accompanied by increasing numbers of insects, particularly in the mornings and evenings. When walking at these times, keep biting insects at bay by using an insect repellent on your skin, or wearing insect repellant clothing. Don’t wait until you’ve been bitten to apply repellent, put it on before you head out for the day to make sure you’re protected. Make sure you reapply if you’re sweating to keep yourself protected.