Putting the house to bed

Pic of Conservation Assistant cleaning the Pagoda Clock

There's some great conservation themed activities in the house this half-term as we prepare to put the house to bed for winter.

Conservation Cubes

Collect your special conservation cube from Visitor Reception or entrance to the house. Roll the cube in each room where you see the cube sign and see if you can answer the special conservation question.

Conservation Workshops

Join our Conservation Team as they demonstrate how we prepare the house for winter and have a go at some of the tasks yourself.

Conservation Workshops run daily from Saturday 22  - Sunday 30 October, at 11.30 & 1.30. Tickets are available at Visitor Reception. Please note this activity takes place on the top floor and may not be suitable for people who find stairs tricky.

Pop-Up talks

Our fantastic volunteer room guides will be talking about some of their favourite artefacts and paintings. Talks will take place in the Oak Room and Galleries at 12.30 & 2.30 (except Monday & Tuesday).

Clock handling box

This is the perfect opportunity to have a go at building and understanding how a clock works.

Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday - Friday, 12 - 2pm

Past & Present

The rooms on the Windsor Corridor will be set-up to show how Lord Fairhaven's staff would have cleaned the house during the 1960's, contrasted by a room showing how we clean the house today.

Pagoda Clock display

Lord Fairhaven was a keen collector of clocks, including the magnificent Pagoda Clock, which performs a vivid visual & audible display when striking 12noon & 3pm. Learn more about the recent project to conserve the clock, which took several years to complete.

Henry V111 painting

Discover more about our plans to conserve our unique painting of Henry V111 which hangs in the Library. Dating from around 1520, it is widely believed to be one of the first paintings of Henry V111. Time (and woodworm) means that urgent conservation is needed to protect this unique part of our national heritage.