The gardens at Anglesey Abbey

Lord Fairhaven designed his garden around personal taste and his regular routine of entertaining guests, with something to show them each and every season. Today, the gardens still follow the same seasonal pattern, with different areas within the 114 acre garden coming into the spotlight for their time to shine, before making way for the next.

From purchasing the estate unseen at auction in the twenties, Lord Fairhaven gradually transformed the gardens here at Anglesey Abbey to the spectacular seasonal display found today, until his untimely death in 1966.

Adding and expanding the formal gardens, along with the help of close friends such as Major Vernon Daniell, there are several distinguishing features that can be found throughout, such as the use of straight, tree lined avenues with a sculpture at the end to draw your eye, or the use of circles and symmetry in the formal areas such as the Formal Garden and Dahlia Garden. 

Today, the garden team, made up of eight gardeners and over 25 volunteers care for the gardens with the same passion in which they were created.

Keep an eye on the progress of what's coming up in the gardens by tracking our Flower Forecast. Created to help you plan your visit, it contains inside information on the progress of some of our most anticipated areas, such as the Snowdrops in Winter, Tulips in Spring, Roses and Herbaceous Border in Summer, and the Dahlias and fantastic autumn colour in the autumn. 

Snowdrops in the foreground, with the house behind

Snowdrop Tours: The Specialist Collection 

Snowdrops are one of our first signs that spring is on its way and Anglesey Abbey is famous for them. The garden is home to over 300 different varieties, some of which can only be seen on the exclusive behind the scenes tours. These ‘sell-out’ tours can now be pre-booked to ensure you can see really unusual varieties close up, and hear the intriguing stories and characters behind them from our dedicated gardens staff and volunteers.

Looking after this special place

Inspirational ideas in the Plant Centre

Did you know that we have a Plant Centre that stocks not only a range of garden tools, benches and garden ornaments, but also a variety of plants that can be found in the gardens of Anglesey Abbey? Some of them are even grown by our very own gardens team! 

If you've found inspiration in the gardens, and want to recreate a small piece of Anglesey Abbey at home, head to our plant centre. You'll not only be purchasing something to remind you of our gardens, but you'll also be helping to support the care of this special place for the future. What could be better than that!

From Snowdrops to Dahlias, our offer is constantly evolving with the gardens seasonally, so if there's something you're looking for, please just ask. 

Our Plant Centre is open daily from 10am, and can be found located through the shop. Pop in and say hello, we'd love to see you. 

Celebrating the Winter Garden

This year will see the Winter Garden, famous for its winding paths and stunning Silver Birches, turn 21. Completed in 1998, and designed to commemorate the centenary of Lord Fairhaven's birth, this garden has been backdrop to many snowdrop tours, and in recent years has been the beginning of our wonderful Winter Lights trail. 

Over time, some of the planting has got to the end of its life and as a result the garden is now in need of a little bit of attention. 2019 marks the beginning of a project to breathe a new lease of life into this space, ensuring that it's here for many, many years to come. 

This year, we're fundraising to support this project, and all funds raised by our Special Places Raffle will go directly towards this garden.

Snowdrop pin badge with snowdrops behind

Help us keep our gardens blooming 

Pick up one of our garden inspired pin badges on your next visit to play your part in keeping Anglesey Abbey's gardens blooming, with all money raised going back into Anglesey Abbey. With various options to choose from depending on the time of your visit, use it as a memento from your day spent with us. Badges can be picked up for a suggested £1 donation at various points across the estate.

A Garden For All Seasons