Meet Peter

House Experience volunteer, Anglesey Abbey

Peter King - House Experience volunteer

Meet Peter, one our House Experience volunteers, who has been with us for 36 years! Find out more about his role and why he loves it so much.

Peter King, one of our volunteers

Why did you become a House Experience Volunteer?

I used to visit regularly, and one day when I was counting the tiles on the micro mosaic table, I was asked to help as a volunteer hadn’t turned up. I enjoyed doing it so much I started coming back every weekend! And that’s how it started. That was back in 1985, so I’ve been here 36 years all together.

What do you do at Anglesey Abbey?

I do a bit of everything. Responding to where I’m needed. It varies - sometimes I’m on the entrance; giving directions; introductory talks to people waiting to come inside; answering questions about the collection; entertaining children and making it relaxed for our visitors. I like to ask what visitors’ interests are so I can tailor what I talk about. It’s not as difficult as you might first think, as there are a few objects and facts that come up regularly. No one is expected to know everything.

What do you find most rewarding about your work as a House Experience Volunteer?

Meeting the public and seeing them have a good day out. If you don’t interact it can be boring for them. It helps build interests and it keeps me sane! Plus, you never know who you’re going to meet! In fact, I’ve met a few well-known faces over the years. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering at Anglesey Abbey?

Meeting the public and seeing their reaction. Being able to help people have a nice day. It’s nice to see people enjoying themselves. I get a kick out of pointing things out they wouldn’t normally notice, making people feel welcome and making their day.