Anglesey Abbey - Redecoration project


We have now completed the project to redecorate and restore the Long Gallery, Living Room and Oak Room, and these rooms are now open to visitors again.

We have redecorated the Long Gallery at Anglesey Abbey to restore it to the same pristine condition it was in when Lord Fairhaven was alive. And now that we have finished, it looks exactly as it looked to him – with the same colours, textures and finishes.

What our research discovered

In the first phase of this project, we examined the walls to check for signs of damp or damage. We also examined the many layers of paint and distemper that have been applied to the walls over many decades. We found that before Lord Fairhaven bought the Abbey the walls were painted a deep red/pink and later it was decorated three times using colour schemes in the mid brown range.

Lord Fairhaven redecorated the Long Gallery several times during his lifetime. Initially he used a warm, stone coloured washable distemper, but then moved to warmer, apricot buff-coloured washable distempers. Tests have shown that this warm buff colour was used on the ceilings and ribs as well as the walls.


Latest updates

09 Apr 19

Early April update

We have put the Tapestries back up in Living Room and Long Gallery. When the tapestries were taken down they were rolled around a wide drainpipe before being stored away. Now we’ve unrolled them and reattached them to the wall using a Velcro strip that runs along the top. It’s not as easy as it sounds when the tapestry is nearly 3m wide and 2.5m tall. We have also fitted new carpets in the Long Gallery. These carpets were made for us in sections using traditional methods. These sections are hand-sewn together as the carpet is laid. This makes it easier for us to clean and maintain the carpet over time. And we have put the pelmets and curtains back up. All of the curtains in this area have pelmets to dress the window and each pelmet has taken three people over an hour to put back up.

Anglesey Abbey - Redecoration Project 8

28 Mar 19

Late March update

With the invaluable help of colleagues from Wimplole Hall we started the reinstatement phase of the project. We thoroughly cleaned and reinstalled six Gothic-style lanterns in the Long Gallery and Living Room. So, six items reinstated – about 230 to go!

Anglesey Abbey - Redecoration Project 7

17 Mar 19

March update

The redecoration works began in early February, when areas of failing paint of plaster were removed. These areas were repaired using three coats of traditional lime plaster, with each coat being of a different coarseness. Once the plaster repairs were completed, three coats of a breathable paint were applied using an ‘apricot’ colour. The Long Gallery is able to be viewed from the west end so you can come and see the colour for yourself! Over the coming weeks, the conservation team will be giving these spaces a thorough conservation clean before the collection can be reinstated. The reinstatement will also include a replacement fitted carpet, manufactured using traditional techniques, and two new replica rugs for the Living Room and Oak Room which will add real warmth to these spaces. The whole project is due to be wrapped up by the beginning of May.

Anglesey Abbey - Redecoration project 4