Facilitating your event, photoshoot, film or commercial activity at Avebury

A group of people filming

If you'd like to hold an organised activity or event, such as exercise classes, photoshoots or filming on National Trust land at Avebury or the surrounding landscape, you will need to obtain National Trust permission and might require a license. Please read through the details below to find out more.

The land at Avebury is part of the Avebury and Stonehenge World Heritage Site and as such requires a high level of protection.  The National Trust is a registered charity and looks after this special place for everyone, for ever.

The following activities require National Trust permission and may also require a license before they can proceed:

  • All commercial activities.
  • All organised events.
  • All commercial - and other organised - photography and filming, including student projects.
  • All guided tours and walks.
  • All workshop activities including arts, crafts and drumming workshops.
  • All fundraising activities.
  • All flying of drones from or over National Trust land.

Any activity that involves fires, ground penetration or subsurface damage will not be permitted under any circumstances, as well as any activity that involves displaying posters, banners or any other signage.  

For further information please contact avebury@nationaltrust.org.uk allowing at least one month’s notice prior to the proposed activity taking place.