Sculpture exhibition in Avebury Manor Garden

Hazel Barry-Scott, Senior Visitor Experience Officer Hazel Barry-Scott Senior Visitor Experience Officer
Owl sculpture

From 1 September until 7 October this outdoor art and sculpture exhibition showcases work by 21 different artists.

Now in its third year, this exhibition has already become a well established event, with people waiting in anticipation to see what delights can be found in amongst the shrubbery, pathways and hidden spaces.

Tucked away in the corners of the garden there are over eighty wonderful, exciting works of art to be found.  Turn a corner and see a stylised head in wood, stroll down the Lion Walk and encounter stone sculptures nestled in the borders or wander into the Monk’s garden and discover glass flowers bobbing above the borders – all with the perfect backdrop of this beautiful and tranquil garden.

Senior Visitor Experience Officer, Hazel Barry-Scott says “The sculptures look fantastic, they complement the garden beautifully and add a different dimension as you explore each garden room. Many of the artists are local and each has a unique style, so there’s something for everyone, from glassworks to bronzes, wood and ceramic – and all are for sale if you can’t resist the temptation.”

The exhibition will run from Saturday 1 September until Sunday 7 October and is free with entry to the Avebury Manor and Garden.