Seven Barrows

Misty morning with sheep on barrows

On the top of Overton Hill is the well-preserved Bronze Age barrow cemetery known as Seven Barrows.

Seven Barrows

On Overton Hill, next to The Sanctuary, lies a Bronze Age barrow cemetery known as Seven Barrows although there are 12 barrows here.  These barrows  consist of both bowl and bell barrows and are well preserved.  Excavations have found a number of cremations as well as grave goods such as bronze daggers and axes, ceramics and bone implements.

As you look around the landscape anywhere in the World Heritage Site you will see Bronze Age round barrows on almost every hilltop,  Some of them are known locally as 'hedgehogs' as they were planted with trees in the Victorian period and if you look you will see why they have acquired this affectionate name.

Originally there would have been many more barrows, however over the last few hundred years many of them have been ploughed out.

Note: If you are visiting, please be careful when crossing the road as the A4 is a fast road and at this point there is poor visibility.