Still digging ... recent excavations at Avebury

Exhibition in barn

This year at Avebury we’ll be shining a light on recent excavations through a pop up exhibition in the Alexander Keiller Museum: Barn Gallery. This exhibition will highlight many of the results of those excavations alongside a selection of the artefacts discovered.

Avebury has been a magnet for archaeologists for over three hundred years and the work of the 1930s in which many stones were re-erected is well-represented in books and the on-site museum.

Excavations over the last twenty to thirty years are less widely known and this exhibition highlights many of the results of that work alongside a selection of the artefacts. Even if you know Avebury well, why not come and have a look at some of what we now know about this complicated and intriguing place.

This exhibition is free with normal entry to the Alexander Keiller Museum.