Bateman's spring garden celebration

A display of spring flowers on the quarterdeck at Bateman's in East Sussex

This article related to Spring 2018. Our team here continues to work on the spring garden to add more colour and interest. Come along and see how we're doing.

Our spring garden programme

Everyone looks forward to the clocks going forward which heralds the start of spring, a time of re-awakening in the garden. This year Bateman's will be taking part in the National Trust London & South East Garden Programme and celebrating the arrival of spring in style.

A blossoming garden

As part of the Garden Programme our aim is to carry the delights of our spring garden across the whole of the site so rather than keeping all the plants and flowers in the garden we'll be bringing them indoors as floral displays and using some in our tea room to create some tasty treats.

As you arrive at our visitor reception you'll be greeted by a lovely display of blossoming plants displaying the delicate hues of spring colour. On the walk down to the tea room, shop and house stop and spot the new growth in the herb border and look out for the first signs of blossom on the apple and pear trees in the old orchard.

Plant/s of the week

Throughout the April and May we'll be highlighting some of the lovely spring flowers that are growing in the garden.

We'll have displays in the old kitchen in the house, the tea room and the shop. You'll find all the details you need by each plant, its common name and taxonomic name, location in the garden and type of plant.

If you want to know the name of any other plants then do pick up one of our feedback/request cards that will be available throughout the property and send us a photo or description and the team will get back to you.

A display of highlighted plants of the week as part of the spring garden programme at Bateman's in East Sussex

Spring flowers in the house

Our flower volunteers are very excited to be putting together some lovely spring flower displays in the house. A little bit like the wonderful displays that they produce at Christmas time, our usual flower displays will be supplemented by some extra spring-themed decoration to encourage the feeling that spring is pervading the house and waking it up again after the winter.

'Flavour of the month'

We grow lots of fruit, vegetables and herbs in the garden and as much as possible we use these in our dishes in the tea room. Throughout this year we'll be introducing a 'Flavour of the month' with special dishes using highlighted ingredients. For those of you who want to recreate these dishes at home we'll have some recipe cards to take away.

Bateman's tea room
A slice of goat's cheese and wild garlic pie in the Mulberry tea room at Bateman's in East Sussex
Bateman's tea room

Tasting sessions in the shop

Where we can our shop team will be highlighting any products that fall in with the tea room's flavour of the month by offering tastings in the shop.

The garden team have also been busy propogating a selected range of Bateman's grown plants for you to buy to take home and recreate a little Bateman's garden of your own. We'll also have vegetables and fruit later in the year so you can take home some freshly picked ingredients to make a delicious supper at home.

Bateman's shop
A garlic-themed display in the shop at Bateman's in East Sussex
Bateman's shop

Out in the garden

Kipling loved Bateman's and it's garden and they inspired some of his great poems. We hope to inspire our visitors with spring poetry readings in the garden, weather permitting of course. Our garden team will also being offering some impromptu garden tours and talks when they have some spare time in their busy schedules.

Look out for the signs at visitor reception highlighting today's events and the best plants in the garden.

Come along and discover the joys of spring in the garden.