Dog walking at Bateman's

Batemans Ellie enjoying picnic

Just as Kipling loved his dogs, we do too.

Welcome four-legged friends

We are pleased to welcome dogs and their owners to Bateman's and have a few Doggy Do’s and Don’ts that we ask you to abide by. We want all our visitors to have a great day out here including our four-legged friends.

Batemans Doggy Dos

Dogs around the garden and estate

When you arrive we will give your four-legged friend a short lead to use around the property, if you don't already have your own.  Attached to this lead is a supply of doggie poo bags. Please be sure to clean up after your dog both in the garden and across the wider estate.

There are watering bowls by the picnic tables on the meadow side of the tea room for thirsty dogs but not for the owners. As is customary, dogs are not permitted in the tea room and we have a 'no paws' area in the Mulberry Garden on the opposite side of the tea room to allow users to picnic on the grass.

Please see our Dog Walking leaflet, available at Visitor Reception, which shows dog friendly areas in the garden. Do be aware if you go on an estate walk that there may be livestock grazing.

Dogs in the Wild Garden

We have a number of free range chickens who roam around the Wild Garden and Mill area and help us to spread the flower seeds throughout this area to provide a colourful display of many wildflowers during the spring and summer.

Please keep your dog on a very short lead when walking through this area to prevent it from running at the chickens and alarming them. Our chickens are a valuable part of the eco system here at Bateman's and we appreciate your co-operation in helping to keep them safe.

Three chickens on the handrail at Park Mill at Bateman's in East Sussex

We hope this information helps you and your dog enjoy your visit to Batemans, but do please ask the team for the leaflet or more information.