Spring blossom at Bateman's

Blossom on the trees at Batemans

Spring is the perfect time to walk among blossoming fruit trees in bloom. One of nature’s show-stoppers, blossom creates a magical effect as it falls like snow onto the ground.

If you've visited Bateman's before, then you might be planning to visit again this Spring as you know what the garden has in store. If you haven't been here before, then be prepared for the explosion of colour that awaits you.

During spring the garden at Bateman's has well and truly come to life. The birds are singing and getting ready for nesting, the frogs and toads are on the move to their favourite ponds, and a succession of spring flowers are bursting forth to delight the senses from our earliest snowdrops and Narcissi to our flowering trees and shrubs.

Batemans Tree Blossom

Bateman’s orchard

As you enter the garden, a sweeping view across the orchard, with its recently pruned apple and pear trees, provides an architectural framework with the promise of blossom in late April and May as the fruit buds swell.  The orchard is home to plums, gages and apple varieties such as Devonshire Quarrenden, Worcester Pearmain and Laxton’s Fortune.

Bateman's bountiful harvest
Red apples on a branch
Bateman's bountiful harvest

A blossoming garden

At this time of year, you can get a real feel for the structure of Rudyard Kipling’s garden; the soft sandstone house sits beautifully within the garden and the valley beyond, ever present and providing a backdrop to the garden he created for his children to play in and his family and friends to enjoy. Kipling loved Bateman's and its garden and they inspired some of his great poems.

On the walk down to the tea room, shop and house stop and spot the new growth in the herb border and look out for the first signs of blossom on the apple and pear trees in the old orchard.

Orchard trees blossoming at Bateman's
Trees blossoming in the orchard
Orchard trees blossoming at Bateman's