Fun for families at Berrington Hall

A young boy throwing some autumn leaves

There is always something to do at Berrington Hall. There are different activities throughout the year for all ages both indoors and out with 'Capability' Brown for kids too.

Come and explore our children's play area. Thanks to funds raised by our supporters we have been able to improve facilities for the little ones and have installed a playground not far from the tea-room. The play area is designed for children aged from 4 to 11 years old and features a jungle climber, slide and cradle swings for the younger ones and a basket swing for older children. We're sure it will get your seal of approval.

Try out a new adventure in the parkland
A young girl trying to catch up with her brothers on a walk in the woodland

Don't forget there are also gardens and woods to explore, dens to build and family cricket and croquet just waiting to be played in the pleasure grounds. There is a children's bay in the Welcome Centre where they can start their visit by designing their own landscape.

In the house find out what life was like by looking at the family's photograph albums, or what it was like to work as a servant ironing the clothes, or to live upstairs wearing the costumes of the Lords and Ladies in our 'Wig and Bum Shop'. We have quizzes designed to help you find out.

Let the explorer in you come out
A young boy in a den in the woodland

Don't miss

  •     Spot fish in the lake as well as other wildlife in the park.
  •     Try identifying the vegetables growing in the walled garden.
  •     Keep the family engaged with the trails and quizzes.
  •     Enjoy a family game of cricket or croquet in the pleasure grounds.
  •     Follow the parkland walk to discover Berrington's secret corners.
  •     Refreshments are available all day from the tea-room with seating inside and out.

50 things to do

Have you started your '50 things to do before your 11 3/4'? If not Berrington is the right place to start. Hold snail races, climb a tree, build a den. If you want to find out more click on the link below.

Find a natural play area
Two small children playing around a very old tree