All in a year's work at Bodnant Garden

Gardener at work in Bodnant Garden

Maintaining an historic, horticulturally renowned Grade 1 listed garden is an all-year round labour of love for our gardeners, garden volunteers and students.

As the ground warms up in spring the team begin weeding, mulching beds with home-made compost, planting and pruning shrubs (including a mass pruning of our famous hydrangeas) and clearing away acres of fallen blossom. Other major jobs of the spring are deadheading daffodils in the Old Park, when the team gets a much-needed helping hand from volunteers - and weeding the slopes of The Dell, a special task done by gardeners trained in abseiling.

With the warmer, longer days of summer the garden is at its peak and the team are busy deadheading roses, feeding and watering flower borders, cutting and shaping box hedges, summer pruning laburnum and wisteria and mowing, mowing, mowing! Whether it's manicured lawns or wildflower glades and meadows, there's always grass to be cut somewhere on our 80 acre site.

Mammoth task

As the leaves turn in autumn gardeners turn their attention to scarifying lawns and renovating turf, tidying herbaceous displays and planting spring bulbs. The end of the season brings the mammoth task of collecting 80 acres of fallen leaves, which go onto our compost heaps.

While many gardens are ‘put to bed’ in the colder season there’s still plenty to do at Bodnant…pruning roses, maintaining the Winter Garden, mucking out the streams which run from top to bottom of the garden, tree work and unglamorous, but essential jobs like re-gravelling paths, repairing drains and fixing rabbit fences.

In the depths of frosty January comes the task of pruning the world-famous Laburnum Arch, which can take two skilled gardeners around a month. The season closes with a big team effort planting snowdrops ‘in the green’. We plant around 20,000 each February in the Old Park meadow, helped by visitors - a great way to mark a new year in the garden.

Our team keep the garden looking fab
A gardener hard at work at Bodnant Garden, Conwy
Our team keep the garden looking fab