Daffodils at Bodnant Garden

Close up of yellow daffodils at Bodnant Garden, Conwy

Bodnant Garden is an year-round garden, but it puts on an extra special spectacle in spring and nothing signals the beginning of the season quite like the daffodils.

They first make their appearance here as early as January where they can be spotted in the Winter Garden (the Narcissus ‘Cedric Morris has been known to flower as early as Christmas). Other early varieties like the dwarf Nacissus cyclamineus begin dotting the Winter Garden and the riverside under towering trees in The Dell from February.

Our eagerly-awaited main display arrives in March and April when the Old Park meadow and Glades are transformed into a carpet of buttercup-bright common Narsicuss pseudonarcissus, and many other varieties. They were planted here in quantities during the 1920s and 30s and have colonised happily, making their home here among grassy acres.

Generations of planting

Generations of gardeners have continued the tradition, planting every year since to increase the display. You might have spotted them hard at work in autumn; you might also see gardeners and volunteers deadheading the flowers in April, a major team effort which keeps the display looking good and also improves the growth for the following year.

Following on from this host of golden daffodils, pockets of white flowered Pheasant’s Eye (Narcissus poeticus) open, blending beautifully into emerging swathes of bluebells.

A pink rose

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