Bluebells at Bodnant Garden

Bluebells in the woods

From May the informal grassy glades, meadows and woods of Bodnant Garden begin to shimmer with drifts of bluebells.

Mingling with Pheasant’s Eye daffodils in the Old Park meadow, carpeting the ground under cherry blossom trees and flowering shrubs in the Glades, and running through Furnace Wood, they provide a spring highlight in our 80 acre garden.

Native bluebells (Hyacynthoides non-scripta) transform our gardens and wild spaces in mid spring, colonising the dappled shade under the tree canopy, making the most of the sunlight before trees burst into full leaf.

As well as being a delight for visitors their flowers provide an important early source of nectar for bees, hoverflies, butterflies and other insects. At Bodnant Garden we let them run wild in our informal areas to benefit wildlife.

These native wildflowers add to the spectacular late spring display at Bodnant Garden, every bit as beautiful as the exotic trees and shrubs for which the garden is famous. After taking in the kaleidoscopic colours of rhododendrons and a dazzling, golden Laburnum Arch, rest your eyes and reboot your senses with a relaxing stroll among the cool blue…