The Bath at Bodnant Garden

Lush tropical plants around The Bath pool at Bodnant Garden

In late summer 2016 staff, volunteers and visitors enjoyed a tropical pool party to celebrate the grand opening of a new exotic garden, The Bath - an area rescued and transformed after storm damage.

The Bath is an oval, terracotta-tiled pool lying just below the Front Lawn of Bodnant Hall, tucked away behind high sheltering walls and hedges. It was created by Henry Pochin, who founded Bodnant Garden when he bought the hillside estate in 1874.

Pochin’s grandson Henry McLaren added the encircling walls of the Bath in the early 1900s when he built the nearby Italianate terraces and it’s thought that the donor family used to take dips here. Over the years the area has been known as the Bathing Pool and the Goldfish Pond and was once home to Koi Carp.

In recent years there were ideas to refresh the ageing, shrubby poolside planting and storms of Christmas 2013 gave the revamp a new impetus when a large 200-year-old oak tree came down, damaging walls and ripping up beds.

Dramatic new vista

Work began in New Year 2014; walls were repaired, old plants were removed, soil improved and a new scheme planted. Most dramatically, a tall hedge which hid the Bath from the upper lawns was removed, giving visitors a new vista down into the garden.

The ambitious, exotic renovation was completed in summer 2016 and we celebrated with a tropical pool party for staff, volunteers and visitors, putting goldfish back into the ornamental pool pond as the finishing touch. As the icing on the cake, the project won the industry's prestigious Horticulture Week Custodian Award for garden renovation in 2017.

Today, The Bath is now ablaze with colour from spring to autumn, and a beautiful new area to enjoy. Thank you to all our visitors and members, because every visit you make helps us maintain and improve Bodnant Garden.