Dazzling autumn displays at Bodnant Garden

The Acer Glade in Autumn at Bodnant Garden, Conwy

Bodnant Garden is a firework display of crimson, amber and gold in autumn, as the glowing leaves of trees and shrubs, ripening fruit and berries and late flowering plants put on a show to rival the brightest colours of summer.

The garden is home to beautiful native trees and specimens from around the world which are at their finest at this time of year. Among the historic collection are many UK Champion Trees - the biggest and best of their kind in Britain – including rare exotics collected by plant hunters more than a century ago. Take a walk in The Glades where you can enjoy the Japanese acers and be awestruck by the towering American conifers in the Dell and Far End.

Leaf, flower, fruit and scent

In the formal gardens roses are still in bloom on The Terraces and herbaceous beds are bursting with late flowering asters, sedums and dahlias in all colours of the rainbow. In The Dell swathes of azure hydrangeas transform daily before our eyes as they age, and throughout the shrub borders all around plants are laden with berries and fruits.

Look out for the weirdest fruit of the garden, the blue seed pods of Decaisnea fargesii (Dead Man’s Fingers), along with the giant 'raspberries' of Cornus kousa and the pink and orange hooded berries of Euonymus europaeus (though don't be tempted - they're edible for the birds!) If you catch a candyfloss scent in the air, you're close to one of the Katsura Trees (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) which give off a delicious smell of burnt sugar as the leaves turn.

Enjoy a feast for all the senses at Bodnant Garden this autumn.