Spring time at Bodnant Garden

Magnolia in flower at Bodnant Garden, North Wales

Spring is a special time as nature bursts into life. Immerse yourself in the blossom season and be part of the magical transformation.

At Bodnant Garden the season opens with swathes of golden daffodils which fill the Old Park meadow from March. As daffodils give way to carpets of bluebells, enjoy the spectacle of acres of cherry blossom and the scent of viburnums around the garden; as well as herbaceous beds bursting with bulbs and flowering perennials. 

Our National Collections of magnolias and rhododendrons light up the garden with colour from March to June, many of which were brought to Bodnant by famous plant hunters at the turn of the 1900s.

Highlights of late spring include the famous ivory-petalled Handkerchief Tree, the flame-coloured Chilean Firebush, Himalayan Blue Poppies and cerise Himalayan Primulas. Towards the end of May you'll also see the first roses, clematis and water lilies opening on the Italianate Terraces. 

The spring display is crowned by the flowering of the Laburnum Arch, a pergola walkway of golden flowers which glows for three weeks in late May and early June - a dazzling finale to the season. 

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