Autumn floral delights

Late summer flowers at Bodnant Garden

From September there are subtle changes in the garden and signs that the seasons are moving something special.

Here at Bodnant Garden the gradual burnishing of the leaves across our tree-filled landscape and the burst of late summer flowering shrubs and perennial plants promise a host of delights to come.

The upper garden is alive with colour; dahlias, rudbekias and heleniums provide an explosion of heat in the Range Borders; roses are still blooming their hearts out across our two rose terraces and the Lily Terrace is a pastel pink picture of swaying ornamental grasses, lavenders, salvias, verbenas and diascias. Japanese anemones jostle along the stone terrace steps and paths and late flowering clematis still scramble over the walls and pergolas.

In the dappled shade of the Glades, fruit is ripening on trees and shrubs while dotted through the greenery of the beds are bursts of scarlet crocosmia and the crismson hips of species roses.

Meanwhile down in The Dells, under the canopy of native an exotic trees, swathes of blue mophead and lacecap hydrangeas sweep along the riverside, while ferns are beginning to bronze, set against great mounds of lush hostas.

As the heat of high summer turns to something softer, deeper and richer, we’ve got lots to look forward to at Bodnant Garden.

Blue hydrangeas under tall trees along the riverside at Bodnant Garden
Blue hydrangeas under tall trees along the riverside at Bodnant Garden