Celebrating our meadows at Bodnant Garden

Old Park meadow in summer with Bodnant Hall in distance

Join us this summer celebrating meadows and all the wonderful wildlife that live in them.

At Bodnant Garden and are doing our bit to halt the decline in meadows nationwide. Today in the UK there remains only 3% of the meadows which existed in the 1930s – that’s a loss of 7.5 million acres of wildflower grassland. Many iconic meadow flowers such as Ragged Robin, Harebell and Field Scabious are now on a watch list, threatening the wildlife which depend upon them, including bees which play a key role in pollinating our plants.

Here at Bodnant Garden we look after three meadows and have developed a grassland management plan which involves low level, traditional annual maintenance such as cutting grass and removing the hay in August, grazing the land with sheep in the autumn, also collecting and sowing the seeds such as Yellow Rattle to encourage wildflowers.

For everyone

Just as importantly, we’ve been extending access so visitors can enjoy them; the Old Park was opened to the public in 2012 and Furnace Meadow opened in 2017. Cae Poeth meadow is currently home to bee hives, which we are looking after with the help of local beekeepers. 

National Meadows Day

On 2 July 2022, we'll be supporting National Meadows day. The work goes on; year on year we're seeing more wildflowers in our meadows, and in 2022 we've seen more orchids in the Old Park then ever before. Come and enjoy a summer stroll - and help us look afterthe display for the future by using the mown paths through the grass.