Trials and tribulations

bodnant garden, flooding, weather, garden

The UK has been gripped with some dramatic and traumatic weather, and unfortunately Bodnant has not escaped.

We've been having a time of it over the Christmas period, with the Far End adn Dell flooded, paths heavily rutted, bridges over topped, and two feet of mud and gravel filling the area behind the Pavilion Tea Room.

Staff and volunteers have been working tirelessly over the last few days to clear away the mud and gravel covering the car park and underpass, and mopping the tea room, visitor reception and shop floors. Fortunately in these areas it's not been too bad, with very little damage.

The garden its-self is another matter...

The Dell and Far End have been full to the brim as the river Hiraethlyn has burst its banks, and washed away around 60% of the newer planting in our beautiful new area at the Far End. The bridges in the Dell have been over topped by the water and debris, and will need thorough inspections before we can re-open them.

Paths have been washed away, exposing pipes and other features (quite handy in one or two places as we weren't sure where the pipes were exactly) and there's a lake in the Old Park.

Some of our neighbours and nearby towns and villages have been suffering with this water too, but we're sure the Conwy Valley will pull together to get things sorted.

When the poor weather has subsided work will begin in earnest to repair the damage. Please bear with us during this time, as it will mean that some areas of the garden are closed. Please feel free to give us a ring before you set out so that we can let you know how much of the garden will be accessible bfore you visit.