A family united by suffrage

The extended Pochin, Bright and McLaren families played a major role in the movement for women’s suffrage. They shared a non-conformist religious background and a Liberal political outlook, and while some families were torn apart by the suffrage controversy, this family was united across at least three generations. They battled on two fronts; a Parliamentary campaign by male family members (several of whom were MPs) and a wider political campaign of ceaseless peaceful protest by the womenfolk through meetings, rallies and lobby groups.

Henry and Agnes Pochin of Bodnant Garden

The Pochin family 

Henry and Agnes Pochin, founders of the Bodnant Garden we know today, shared a radical Liberal, non-conformist background and were passionate about social change.

Helen McLaren, Duncan McLaren, John Bright, Priscilla Bright-McLaren and Charles McLaren

The Bright family 

Bodnant Garden's illustrious in-laws: A campaigning Quaker family who fought against slavery and the Corn Laws.

Laura and Charles McLaren of Bodnant Garden

The McLarens 

A meeting of hearts, minds and dynasties, the Pochin-Bright-McLaren family became one of the country's most powerful forces for political change.