A family creation

Generations of horticultural creativity, passion and skill have gone into making Bodnant Garden a world renowned horticultural gem and a jewel in the crown of the National Trust.

Portrait of Henry Davis Pochin of Bodnant Garden

Henry Pochin  

An entrepreneur of huge talent and energy; the Victorian scientist, businessman and politician whose vision shaped the garden which we know and love today.

The McLarens at Bodnant Hall circa 1905: Francis, Florence, Charles, Anges Pochin (seated), Laura, in-laws Edward Johnson-Ferguson and Henry Norman, Henry and Elsie (seated)

The McLarens 

Growing on Henry Pochin's vision has been the work and devotion of four generations of his descendents, the McLaren family.

Frederick, Martin and Charles Puddle, head gardeners at Bodnant Garden

The Puddles 

Three generations of head gardeners played a leading role in the garden's development through the 20th century.

Agnes Pochin, Laura McLaren and Priscilla Bright-McLaren

Women of Bodnant 

In this 2018 centenary of Votes for Women - the National Trust's year of #WomenAndPower - we're shining a light on our own women of Bodnant Garden who were at the forefront of the suffrage cause.

Black and white photograph of woman sitting in rose garden circa 1920

A legacy of roses 

Bodnant Garden's magnificent terraces were a triumph of design and construction, standing testament to those who created them a century ago.