'Unbind the Wing' at Bodnant Garden: Our event blog

2018 is the centenary of votes for women. We couldn't let this historic moment pass without shouting loud and proud about our own inspirational suffragists of Bodnant. It started with a research project a year ago looking into the history of the garden. In the course of delving into the archives we uncovered a wealth of records about the McLaren family suffragists, chronicling the pivotal role Agnes, Priscilla and Laura played in the movement from the 1850s to 1918. I've been inspired by what we've learned about our women of Bodnant. Just as exciting has been working with colleagues and members of the local community in telling their story. Many people have helped us stage this special two month, open air tribute at the garden and here, over the coming weeks, you can read more about the people who are part of our celebration.

Banner making at Bodnant Garden with artist Alana Tyson
Actors from Pigtown Theatre staging 'Unbind the Wing' at Bodnant Garden

'Unbind the Wing' at Bodnant Garden: Pigtown Theatre

How a community theatre project helped us bring Bodnant's suffrage story to life.

Artist Trevor Leat and his willow sculpture 'Unbind the Wing' at Bodnant Garden

'Unbind the Wing' at Bodnant Garden: Suffrage in sculpture

Artist Trevor Leat’s giant willow woman is a stunning tribute to women's suffrage.

Maggie Towse, of Amnesty UK (Colwyn Bay) and Becky Hitchens, Bodnant Garden Visitor Experience Manager, celebrate 'Unbind the Wing'.

‘Unbind the Wing’ at Bodnant Garden: The women of Amnesty

Meet the modern day suffragists defending human rights today.

Textile banners depicting the women of Bodnant Garden created by North Wales Embroiderers' Guild

'Unbind the Wing' at Bodnant Garden: Gilding the lily

Local embroiderers have added a perfect, very personal touch to our celebration.