Julia Bradbury's 'Best Walks with a View' in Borrowdale

Best known for her work as a Countryfile presenter, Julia Bradbury is also a keen walker who loves exploring off the beaten track. In her new series for ITV Julia travelled the highways and byways of England in search of the ‘Best Walks With a View’, and explored National Trust sites in Borrowdale along the way.

For each episode Julia picked out a family friendly-trek that can easily be done in a morning or afternoon. As well as taking in the spectacular views, she also took the chance to uncover local history, meet the people who live and work in these stunning locations, and discover the best spot for a pub lunch or picnic.

In episode two she paid a visit to the Lake District to explore the scenic hills and valleys of Borrowdale.

Mountain views without climbing a mountain

Julia started from Rosthwaite, the 'capital of Borrowdale', and walked to Seatoller, a hamlet which nestles at the foot of Honister Pass. From there she walked the bridleway marked on Ordnance Survey maps as the Allerdale Ramble. This used to be the old road to Keswick from the slate mine at the top of Honister.

" In the Lake District walk through the Borrowdale Valley, we got to the top of Castle Crag. Normally to get a view like this you would have to walk at least 3 times as long. It’s not a piece of cake so there is an element of challenge to that, but I can say Chris Bonington made it to the top and he’s 81 one now. He’s an exceptional 81 year old."
- Julia Bradbury

Follow in Julia's footsteps

You can walk Julia's route for yourself by visiting The Outdoor Guide website, or take a variation by following our Castle Crag from Seatoller route downloadable trail.

Julia Bradbury and staff member Trevor Morgan at Rosthwaite
Julia Bradbury and staff member Trevor Morgan at Rosthwaite
Julia Bradbury and staff member Trevor Morgan at Rosthwaite

Red Letter Day for staff member Trevor

Borrowdale recruiter ranger Trevor Morgan was dead chuffed to get a photo with Julia when she was filming in the valley.  'It was a thrill to meet Julia while I was working in the National Trust's Rosthwaite car park. She's a wonderful ambassador for the Lake District and getting people outdoors and closer to nature,' said Trevor.