Open Water Swimming

a swimmer in wetsuit waves to the crowd, other swimmers in background

If messing about on the water isn't enough fun, you can put your swimming skills to the test on the Sunday thanks to our friends at Epic Swim.

Epic Swim run three swimming races on the Sunday of Derwent Water Regatta

There are the traditional swim distances of 1mile and 3.8km (the classic Ironman distance).

New to open water swimming?

If you've never tried open water swimming before, there's a 500m race where you can (literally) test the water and see if open water swimming is for you.

Click the link below to book a place

" It's the freedom of open water swimming that I love. You can lie on your back in the middle of the lake and you're surrounded by mountains. You can't get that in a pool."
- Jo McWilliams, Epic Events