Watendlath car park

The hamlet of Watendlath, Borrowdale, Lake District

There's plenty of space to park at Watendlath (approximately 45 spaces) if you're brave enough to tackle the very narrow but extremely scenic approach road.

The quiet Watendlath hamlet nestles high above Borrowdale (263m) and is reached by a winding road with many passing places. However, the stunning views of the picturesque hanging valley as you carefully drive along, following Watendlath Beck to Watendlath Farm, makes it all worthwhile.

Watendlath Beck in golden autumn hues
Watendlath Beck in autumn, Borrowdale, Lake District
Watendlath Beck in golden autumn hues

Once at the car park you will be rewarded as the valley opens up before you with its rocky outcrops, woodlands, and medieval farmed landscape. Just behind the farm you will find an attractive tarn with views of the fell.

Get above the tarn at Watendlath in the Lake District
Walker above Watendlath Tarn in the Lake District
Get above the tarn at Watendlath in the Lake District

Fancy a walk?

Explore the packhorse trails that climb up the valley slopes, or use Watendlath as the starting point on this moderate downloadable trail (instead of Rosthwaite):

Boats and ducks on Watendlath Tarn, Lake District

Rosthwaite Round, fells, tarn and beck walk

Along this favourite walk that takes you to a Borrowdale gem - the hamlet of Watendlath, you'll discover oak woodland, two tarns (mountain ponds) and stunning Lakeland views.

Stay the night?

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