Things to see and do at Brimham

Whether you are looking for a bit of gentle activity or something more energetic there are plenty of opportunities available to exercise your body and mind at Brimham Rocks. With different areas of rocks, moorland and woodland there are experiences to be had for all ages. To find your way around the rocks pick up a free welcome leaflet with a map on your arrival in the car park, and also try our new GeoSpotting activity.


To find the famous rocks and views at Brimham, download this guide GeoSpotting at Brimham (PDF / 1.1MB) download to your smartphone or tablet - or use your GPS device - to find some of the named rock formations and views. Tapping one of the hot links in the guide will bring up Google Maps showing where the feature is, and if you have location enabled on your phone Google Maps will also show you where you’re standing, satellite view is best.

GPS doesn't need a phone signal and it isn't affected by clouds. You will need a phone signal for Google Maps, and it seems to be mainly O.K. around Brimham Rocks for most networks, except at the bottom car park.


Have a go at orienteering at Brimham Rocks. Our permanent course is available all year round, whatever the weather. This course is perfect for beginners, families, dog-walkers and school groups. Download your map here (PDF / 0.3251953125MB) download  or pick one up from the visitor centre shop together with a compass to help you find your way.


Explore Brimham Rocks and the surrounding area on foot and you will be rewarded with far-reaching views. From a gentle 1-mile stroll around the rocks to a more vigorous hike from Brimham to Fountains we have created seven downloadable walks available to get you started on your way.

If you are looking to find out more about the rocks check out our events page for more information about monthly guided walks or ask a Day Maker volunteer to show you around when visiting.

Nidderdale Way, the 53-mile long circular walk in the Yorkshire Dales, cuts through the moorland of Brimham Rocks. The stretch on Brimham land can be followed to Riva Hill that offers one of the best panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Have a look here to find out more about walking at Brimham.

Walking at Brimham Rocks
Walking at Brimham Rocks
Walking at Brimham Rocks


Being on the Way of the Roses, the 170-mile coast-to-coast cycle route from Morecamb to Bridlington, Brimham is the perfect refuelling point. Make use of the toilet facilities, grab a slice of cake or pie from the refreshment kiosk and take in the view while drinking your cuppa. Check the opening times here. Cycle racks are available in the car park and also in the picnic area.

For more information about shorter routes around Brimham have a look here.

Cycling club having a break at Brimham.
Cycling club on break at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.
Cycling club having a break at Brimham.


Brimham's varied and dramatic natural landscape makes it the most diverse landscape in Yorkshire for climbing. If you've got the equipment and the enthusiasm, then come and have a go. We work in partnership with the Harrogate Climbing Centre to provide regular sessions for all ages and abilities. Please check Brimham events page for dates, times and prices.

Climbing at Brimham Rocks
Climbing at Brimham Rocks
Climbing at Brimham Rocks


With hundreds of rocks offering a fantastic picnic spot Brimham is one of the best places to have a meal in fresh air. If you don’t have a picnic basket with you, Brimham kiosk offers a variety of grab-and-go snacks from pork pies and sausage rolls to bacon butties and homemade sandwiches, not to mention the ever-popular cakes and ice-cream.

Picnic with a view at Brimham.
Picnic at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.
Picnic with a view at Brimham.


Join this international digital treasure hunt. We have geocaches hidden away around the rocks, moorland and woodland of Brimham Rocks. They combine two separate trails. First one is suitable for the novice geocacher staying closer to the rocky area. The second route, A(dvanced) B(rimham) C(aches), follows the Boundary Walk and offers a slight challenge to the more experienced treasure hunter. To get started just download the geocaching app, sign up and get exploring.

For more information about geocaching at Brimham look here.

On the Boundary Walk following ABC geocaching route.
Geocaching at Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire.
On the Boundary Walk following ABC geocaching route.

Bring your dog

We are as mad about dogs as you are.

  • Paws are welcome at Brimham, including the shop and the visitor centre.
  • For thirsty four-legged visitors drinking bowls are available at the kiosk and the visitor centre.
  • To make sure that everybody has an enjoyable visit we ask that all dogs are kept on lead while at Brimham Rocks.