School holidays? Go wild outdoors!

Girl on a ropeswing in Buttermere Valley, Lake District

Don’t just go for a walk this school holiday - skip a stone more times than Captain Skim, or take off your shoes and go for a barefoot walk in the grass!

There are 50 things you should have a go at before you’re 11¾ and one of the best ways to tick them off your list is to simply get outdoors with the family and have some fun.

Captain Skim’s stomping ground

If you like a nice long, but easy walk, try the Buttermere wildtime trail which takes you around the whole lake; give yourself at least 4 hours. This is the territory of Captain Skim, whose record is to skim a stone for 26 skips - can you beat him? There’s a good spot to try out your skimming skills just by the rock tunnel.

But which shape is best?
Choosing stones for skimming, Buttermere Valley, Lake District
But which shape is best?

With logs to balance along and the perfect place for a game of pooh sticks, plus lots more, you really can go wild.

Do you like to be beside the seaside?

Our Whitehaven trail will be the one for you if you like the wind in your hair and stunning coastal views. Enjoy the grass between your toes on the cut grass path at the Candlestick, roll down a hill and hunt for bugs. Allow at least two hours for exploring and our top tip? Bring your kite!

What's under this rock?
Bug hunting at Buttermere Valley, Lake District
What's under this rock?

Who can build the cosiest den?

Pick up an ice cream from the Keswick Lakeside Shop (CA12 5DJ) and then head off into Cockshot Wood to begin your Keswick adventure. After a spot of bird watching, find the den building area and create your own special den, or nest, or castle - it’s up to you!

Practically a palace
Den building in Buttermere Valley, Lake District
Practically a palace

Allow about two hours to follow your map, which takes you on a circuit of good level paths suitable for all the family (including push chairs) - or bring a picnic and stay all day.