Conservatory gets a facelift

Palm House

The conservatory and glasshouse in the Walled Kitchen Garden will be closed off in May and June while a lick of a paint is applied to protect the timbers and keep them in good condition.

We caught up with our Head Gardener to find out more about why the conservatory and glasshouse are being painted and why this is such an important job...

Why is this happening?

Scaffolding is being put up so that the wooden glazing bars and spars in the Conservatory and the glasshouse bay to the west can be painted, both inside and out.  Ideally this is done every 5 years to protect the timbers and keep them in good condition.   It is anticipated work will be completed by late June 2016.

Why is it important to Clumber Park?

The Long Range glasshouse is a grade II listed building and is the only surviving glasshouse at Clumber Park.  It is an attraction for our visitors, displaying ornamentals such as pelargoniums and fuchsias, growing fruit and vegetables, such as peaches, nectarines, grapes, tomatoes and melons.  The garden team also use it to propagate plants for the Walled Kitchen Garden and it serves as a living classroom, allowing garden trainees to learn about growing glasshouse plants.

What can visitors expect to see once its finished?

A newly painted Conservatory and vine bay, in sound condition with cleaner glass.

The scaffolders are including “tunnels” in their construction which will allow visitors into the vine bay, the Conservatory and into the east Range of the glasshouse whilst the painting is taking place.  These areas won’t be accessible for about three days whilst the scaffolding is being erected.

The long range glasshouse in the walled kitchen garden
Glasshouse at Clumber Park